Team-Building Training

Leadership is a game without set rules—top leaders learn to inspire, improvise, and unite their team members to a common vision. Plays Well with Others is based on the book written by master of improvisational entertainment and education, Les McGehee.


This workshop leverages results-driven and creativity-focused coaching to put the proprietary tools, strategies, and techniques of Plays Well With Others into the hands of professionals, who will learn how to work and play better with everyone on their team.


Using interactive team-building exercises, games, and guided self-discovery, participants learn how to successfully implement improv techniques into all aspects of their business and personal life.


 Participants learn how to achieve a more effective, creative approach to brainstorming, a refreshed team spirit, and enhanced listening and communication skills to grow their business and better serve their clients and team members.


There are a range of full day and part day workshops available. We can also work with clients who want to host a workshop and sell tickets to offset the cost. There are many creative opportunities to bring a Plays Well With Others Workshop to you.

About Les McGehee

Les McGehee has presented thousands of events across the U.S. and internationally. He is the author of the book Plays Well With Others and the co-creator of the original The ONE Thing Trainer Certification program. Les also leads custom programs for Jack Welch Management Institute, U.S. Veterans Hospitals, and many major companies as President of his company Rialto Academy. As a coach, Les helps his clients succeed using clarity and accountability, and empowers them to achieve their goals in a meaningful, predictable manner.

Testimonials From Our Clients

Improved positive attitudes resulting from the synergy and power of a group mind through incorporating improvisational living into personal ethics, core values, and business practices will help make your world a better place.

-Richard B

Learn to play well with others.