Habit secrets revealed: Are your habits helping or harming your goals?

Habits are the building blocks of everything we do—and cultivating the right ones is the secret weapon to better personal and business productivity. Join Master Coach Les McGehee to explore how to develop the habits that lead to success.

  • Deconstruct habits: It’s all about the cues, routines, and rewards that combine to create unique sequences of actions.
  • Maximize your use of all types of habits—supercharging your productive environment along the way.
  • Automate your habits so they become as natural as breathing, linking them to create unbreakable habit chains.

Create Proactive and Reactive Habits

Craft a Habit-Fostering Environment

Raise Habit Consciousness and Link Habits

Reflect and Reset Your Habits

Recognize the Impact of Keystone Habits

Understand Group-Level Habits and Teach Others


The online live sessions start February 26 at 11 a.m. CST.  Each session is 45 minutes, once a week, for six weeks. In addition to classes, the program also includes tools, training videos, and much more.

The cost is $249 per person.

About Les McGehee

Les McGehee has presented thousands of events across the U.S. and internationally. He is the author of the book Plays Well With Others and the co-creator of the original The ONE Thing Trainer Certification program. As president of Rialto Academy, Les also leads custom programs for Jack Welch Management Institute, U.S. Veterans Hospitals, FedEx, and many other major companies. As a coach, Les succeeds through his clients using clarity and accountability.  He is passionate and diligent about empowering his clients to achieve their goals in a meaningful, predictable manner.

Testimonials From Our Clients

Thank you so much for all you have done to help me. Specifically, I feel laser-focused on my goals and the ONE THING that is most important to me. I always feel excited for our calls because I know I will learn something new from you that I can add to my toolbox. Thanks again for all you do to help me grow both personally and professionally.

-Sharon G

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