rialto-agent-universityRialto Agent University (RAU) is the premiere 24/7, online training solution for real estate professionals and teams. Here you can train, earn badges and certificates, and grow your business with upbeat online training, on demand. RAU also has team progress reporting and communication systems. Real estate agents and teams are the lifeblood of the real estate industry. Having the best, independent training platform empowers agents and teams to control their future as well as achieve their goals. RAU uses multiple types of engaging modes of training created by Rialto Academy’s own instructional design team and authors. It includes digital courses, video courses, online facilitated workshops, and more. While RAU supports many real estate companies, it is independent of any real state brand – It’s built for the agent and team regardless of brand.

Craft Your Lead Generation Strategy

Despite the fact that lead generation is the best predictor of success, most agents take an unfocused, chaotic approach to it. In this class, agents learn how to craft a lead generation strategy that sticks and is in alignment with their goals and mission. Agents will select their top strategies, set up a schedule that supports that focus, and track the metrics that matter for lead gen success.

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Make Your First Hire

Hiring an assistant can be what sets agents up for ongoing success--or a source of consistent frustration. Learn how to time the hire, ask the right questions, and find the person who complements you and helps you grow. With scripts, job postings, and more, this class sets you up for assistant success.


Grow Your Sphere and Grow Your Business

The people most likely to refer you are the people who already know you. This class helps you lean in to that group of people, creating raving fans and powering a referral database that gives off more business every year. Through precise strategies focused on categorizing, reaching, and nurturing your core advocates, with the aim of year-over-year growth.


Set Goals for Growth

Goal setting is the tactic everyone talks about but few implement well. In this class, we create five year goals and the path to achieve them, connect daily rhythms to annual plans, and clear away the common challenges that undermine goal achievement. Don't be haunted by your dreams - make them real.


You can have your own branded agent university through our Your Agent University program! Your agents can log in at your own branded university portal, see your welcome video, and engage with your culture and resources. While your agents are in Your Agent University you can see their progress and get reports on their progress, successes, and challenges, so that you can make informed choices. Suitable for teams and companies.

Take Your Agent University up a level and get YAU+, the growth edition of YAU. YAU+ offers everything you get in Your Agent University PLUS recruiting tools, onboarding, brand transition training, and a branded digital brochure all about your brand, that you can use in your recruiting.”

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