Agent Coach

Jayson Stone is a thought leader and powerful force for the millennial generation who knows firsthand all about hard work and sacrifice. As a servant leader, he creatively pushes for solutions, executes learning-based action plans, takes the actions, learns the skills, and implements the habits necessary for productivity and fun. Graduating as a high school class valedictorian, he was on an uphill path from the start. Immediately after college, he took on an internship position, and as life would have it, he rose through the ranks and became CEO of the company in less than 5 years. He managed a team of over 500+ real estate professionals in the #1 real estate company in Prince George’s County, Maryland–all before 30. His leadership, effective communication, and sales strategies have enabled him to successfully grow the company's profit by 54% in his first year in the role.

Jayson is the creator and host of DMV Realtor Radio, the podcast for real estate businesses sharing tactics for Realtors to make more money in less time and valuable business strategies to help move the business forward. For the last decade, Jayson has traveled the world on a self-education journey. He has attended over $250,000 of conferences, workshops, training, masterminds, and seminars. He has studied with some of the world’s leading mentors, trainers, and professional development experts to give him the tools necessary to reach ultimate success and share his knowledge with the world in a big way.

Jayson resides in Maryland with his amazing wife Arielle, and children Zayne & Alana. He enjoys spending his free time with family, reading, golfing, and identifying ways to grow, get better, and make the highest and best contributions to all those he comes in contact with. Frequently recognized as a “Quote Machine,” one of Jayson’s favorite quotes is from Jim Rohn, “Your level of success, will rarely exceed your level of personal development because success is something you attract by the person you become.” Professionally, Jayson is most excited about rallying real estate agents to a better future. Personally, Jayson is most excited about being the best Husband and #1 Dad the universe has ever seen.